Bespoke couture for You to celebrate in
Bespoke couture for You to celebrate in

Vision – Getting to know my story


I am Nora, the creative mind behind FlowLife Tailoring, where I aim to share my passion for making both simple and complex garments for kids and woman. Here is a short story of my vision and imagination of bespoke dressmaking.

I believe there is a real need for slow fashion, which can teach us to pay more attention to ourselves, the environment, and to our wardrobe as well.
This is a place where you can meet my items which were created by hand and heart from the first sketch to the finishing stitch.

Since my childhood I have delighted in creating hand-made garments and accessories, and wish to share my passion with you. I am also passionate about movement; hiking and dancing.

My aim to bring back our Grandmother’s era when a special event was anticipated for weeks/months, allowing time for the birth of a new creation. Are you ready to wait longer for an item you bought if it is made just for you? So then let’s create together and release ourselves from this shopping addiction which encourage people to consume again and again items that they don’t really need.

My mother sewed, my grandmother sewed, my mother ‘s godmother sewed… and I am now a bespoke dressmaker, based in Ireland but originally from Budapest, Hungary. I am carrying on the tradition of a long line of women who handcrafted beautiful things to wear and home furnishings.

It took a while before I decided to switch career permanently after my more than 20 years of experience as a hobby-sewer. I am mostly self-taught and, after having children, I had the desire to learn more, and so studied fashion design and woman’s tailoring. Here I learned great skills and could build my confidence to attain my dream and start my own business.:)

Since I have had children, I have mostly been engaged in creating children’s clothing.
I like to work with carefully selected natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, silk, hemp, lace never go out of fashion, are good for the environment, and give a natural look. If I cannot avoid using man-made fibres, I mostly recycled materials.

I love the process of my work. Getting know a bit my client and finding out the design which would be the best for her. Drawing the design, find the textile; creating sample and styling the outfit is also an excitement period in the whole process. This is my journey too, through creations & through my life. My work is my pleasure.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or you need a bespoke occasional dress for one of the big days in your life.

Thank you for being here!

Love & light, Nora